We will bring LUMINOUS to you. Host an event or retreat for your staff, team, or friends.



Contemplative Retreat

+A space to slow, still, and center your team. This enables true soul, mind, and body effectiveness and pace.

+Led by our LUMINOUS staff and special guests.


Worship / Liturgy Retreat

+No matter your practice style, formation, or culture, we can help with multifaceted means of calibrating you, your musicians, liturgists, and creative arts.

+Let by our LUMINOUS staff and special guests.


Communications and Team Building Retreat

+Building on the working dynamic your culture already has, we bring 20+ years of experience and perspective on communicating with your church, company, teams, and staffs.

+Led by our LUMINOUS staff.


Global Recalibration 

+A holistic approach to assisting your church or organization become more effective and unified.

+Led by our LUMINOUS staff.